Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Hat Pattern for Kara

Kara’s Baby Hat Project

©2010 Angelbibity Designs

Size 7 DPNs

Cast on 60 stitches. Join in the round. Place marker to indicate beginning of round.

Round 1: Knit All Stitches
Round 2: Purl All Stitches
Round 3: Knit All Stitches
Round 4: Purl All Stitches
Rounds 5-10: Knit All Stitches
Round 11: Purl All Stitches
Round 12: Knit All Stitches
Round 13: Purl All Stitches
Round 14: Knit All Stitches

Continue Round 14 until Piece measures 4 ½ inches from cast on edge. Begin Decrease Section.

Decrease Section:

1: *K4, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
2 and all even rounds: Knit to end of round.
3: *K3, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
5: * K2, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
7: *K1, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
9: K2tog to end of round.
11: K2tog to end of round.

Cut yarn 6” long and pull through remaining 5 stitches.
Pull tail to the inside and weave in all ends.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This week: A Baby Cardigan and surprises Oh My!

I finished a light pink baby cardigan. It's Cute and I plan to make more. I love the feather and fan lace detailing. Check it out:

I think that I have enough yarn to make a matching baby hat or maybe some baby socks.

I'm not feeling well. I haven't done much knitting this week.
I haven't attended my knitting group this week. I didn't even have the energy to knit in the Doctor's office on Monday! I am taking antibiotics for a respiratory infection and sleeping a lot.

On Tuesday, I received a Special Package in the mail from By Hand Yarn

I won a contest on Friends of By Hand Yarn on Ravelry. I love the book,Sock Club, and the yarn is beautiful. I may start a pair of socks when I am feeling better and the baby hat will need to wait. The contest that I won was about sock patterns in honor of their new sock club. The number of my post was randomly drawn. The contest was fun because we were able to share many sock pattern ideas on the Friends of By Hand Yarn Ravelry Group

I love By Hand Yarn. The Staff is so helpful and friendly. The shelves are filled with a rainbows of color to inspire your creativity. If you ever find yourself in Sonora, CA, you should stop by. I know the next time I find myself up in Sonora, I'm going to stop in!!!!

Have a lovely rest of the week and weekend!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yellow Crocheted hat and Booties....

I finished a yellow crocheted hat and knitted yellow booties. They look so cute together that I gave them to a friend who is expecting a girl in September. :)

DH and I had a great time today. After finishing some chores at home, we went to knitting. Well, I am the only one who knits. DH says he is an enabler or a knitting supporter. He certainly knows more about knitting than the non-knitter on the street. :) After a few hours at the Urban Sheep we went to the VINTAGE FAIRE MALL to Eat at the Fresh Grill Mongolian BBQ. The Fresh Grill Mongolian BBQ has a special right now where you receive a free medium drink with the purchase of a large entree order on Tuesdays. I don't know how long this special lasts, but this is our second Tuesday going. Yum Yum! I have even managed to learn to use chop sticks!!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nutriton Class and the New Food Pyramid.

This morning DH and I went to a Nutrition Class. The new food pyramid is a little confusing. All of the daily recommendations are broken down into ounces and cups as opposed to portions. The website is interesting with a menu planner and a my pyramid tracker. Our second class on reading labels will be in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to it.

I have had a bit of a lull in my knitting this week. I just haven't done much knitting this week. I went to my knitting group on Tuesday and I was the only one there. I was unable to attend knitting Kindness on Wednesday because the Urban Sheep was closed while the floors are being worked on, and I wasn't able to go to knitting on Thursday. Yesterday, I Knitted the second yellow cotton bootie. Now, I have a pair that match the little yellow cotton hat that I crocheted last week! I hope to have photos up soon. Today, I was knitting the light pink baby cardigan while waiting for the class to begin. Our instructor wants to see it in 2 weeks. I should have it finished by then.

I am planning to go to knitting on Saturday at the Urban Sheep now that it is open again. Knitting does my spirit good!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Knitting Around!

I've been knitting a many lovely baby items lately. We have 1 dear friend and 4 family members expecting a bundle of joy in the not so distant future. I recently found out that DH's cousin is expecting twins. That's a total of 6 babies that need some knitted love. I have decided that I love to knit baby items. You can knit so much love into a tiny baby hat or booties. Thus far I have made 2 sweaters and I am currently knitting a cute light pink cardigan.

Here is a photo of my second sweater:

I think that I may have enough yarn left for little socks to go with it!

I have been a busy bee last week:

I finished an adorable Preemie hat. It looks like a little watermelon colored dollop. I am donating this hat to Knitting Kindness at The Urban Sheep. Knitting Kindness is a group that meets Wednesdays 12noon-2pm to knit charity items for our local area. I usually go at 1pm after I get off work. Sadly, The Urban Sheep is closed this week on Wednesday so I will start another baby hat to donate next week

I finished a Red and White baby bib. It's knit with 100% worsted weight cotton. I haven't decided what style of bibs that I like best. I plan to start a garter stitch bib next.

I have been working on some crocheted infant hats. This is a little watermelon colored hat that I finished quickly. I think that it still needs a little work. I, also, finished a yellow cotton hat this week, but I need to take another photo of it in the sunlight.

Well, It's back to knitting for me! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


WWKiP Day 2010; Pick the day that works best for your community:

From June 12th to the 20th.

I was not able to attend the local WWKIP Day in Sonora or Modesto because I had to work, so I created my own KIP. Here I am on June 17 at the Village Bakery:

Here is Glen, my DH, playing Golden Sun on the DS while I knit!

This is Myra. She makes the best frappacino that I have ever tasted. She can make lattes with designs in the foam.

Earlier this month on My Birthday,June 1, I went to By Hand Yarn in Sonora with my friend Denise. They have a birthday club where you get to draw for a discount on your birthday(I signed up in May). I got 25% off!!!!

Me on June 1!

My Birthday Yarn!

Have a beautiful Day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Knitting Update!

Well, I finally knit my first sweater:

I am working on my second one:

I should be finished with it in the next few days.

I have a few other baby items that I am working on. I have friends and family that are due in the next year.